Trainers Talking Truths
Welcome to the ISSA Podcast dedicated to exploring the fitness industry and uncovering the whys and hows of personal training. To do that, we’ll talk directly to the industry experts and the certified trainers. 
We’ll dig into fitness programming, business tactics, nutrition, and more. You’ll even hear from current training clients who offer insight from the other side.
Episode 117: Balancing Mind and Body: Reiki, Yoga, and Fitness


In this podcast episode, we dive into all things yoga t in the fitness industry. Our guest shares their origins in fitness and the path that led them to their current role. Our guest is a seasoned personal trainer, bodyworker, and group fitness instructor with years of experience.

Episode 116: Fitness Research and Real Talk: Episode 4


In this episode, we unveil intriguing insights from recent research and delve into pivotal topics within the fitness and wellness sphere. Join us for thought-provoking discussions on optimizing workouts, mitigating overhydration, and debunking home workout myths.

Episode 115: Elevating Your Fitness Business: Anchor Point Training


Delving into his personal journey, motivations, and the transformative benefits of APT, the episode unveils how his unique path, forged through personal challenges and a dedication to holistic wellness, led to the creation of this innovative training method. Highlighting APT's core advantages – a comprehensive blend of strength, flexibility, stability, and mindfulness – Chris sheds light on its universal applicability, irrespective of fitness levels.

Episode 114: Let's Talk Science with Mike T. Nelson


Jenny and Dan speak with Dr. Mike T. Nelson. They start off with a little bit about kiteboarding talk but then move on to his extensive scientific background. Mike informs us on some of the best ways to find scientifically sound information in what can be a sea of misinformation.

Episode 113: A Dynamic Approach to Fitness Innovation


Embark on a captivating fitness odyssey with Clifton Harski, our esteemed guest. As an industry maverick, Clifton's diverse roles, including teaching MovNat, Animal Flow, and his current position at PPSC, come into focus.

Episode 112: Physical Education in 2023 with Dan Dejager


Jenny and Dan chat with 2019 SHAPE America Physical Education Teacher of the Year Dan DeJager about the current state of physical education. Then they cover the work that is being done to improve Physical education standards and how to make movement meaningful to our youth.

Episode 111: The One Where We Interview Jenny!


In this inspiring episode, we sit down with our beloved host Jenny Liebl! Jenny is a certified fitness professional who has been making waves in the health and sports performance industry since 2009. Jenny's incredible journey began with her own transformative weight loss experience, guided by a certified personal trainer.

Episode 110: Fitness Research and Real Talk: Episode 3


Welcome to the third episode of real talk! We are going through lighting fitness facts and research where we delve into major intriguing questions related to fitness and exercise. In this installment, we dive into two intriguing research studies that shed light on important aspects of athlete performance and training.

Episode 109: Creating Empowering Spaces in Fitness


In this podcast episode, we chat with Allison Flatley, an industry expert with over 30 years of experience in executive positions, board memberships, and as a professor in the fitness and health field.

Episode 108: Building a Personal Brand in the Fitness and Wellness World


In this episode of Trainers Talking truths, we have the pleasure of sitting down with a seasoned industry expert to discuss their personal journey and insights into the fitness industry. Our guest shares their story of how they got started in the industry and the experiences that shaped their path to success.

Episode 107: Fitness Research and Real Talk: Episode 2


In this second episode of lighting fitness facts and research we delve into major intriguing questions related to fitness and exercise. This episode emphasizes the potential benefits of incorporating yoga into fitness routines for improved flexibility and body composition.

Episode 106: Fitness Insight: Success Strategies for Trainers


In this episode of Trainers Talking truths, we sit down with Israel Allen and dive further into the world of personal training, discussing key aspects that can contribute to a successful career in the fitness industry. Israel, an extremely experienced fitness industry professional, shares valuable insights and practical tips for trainers at various stages of their careers.

Episode 105: The Impact of Athlete Monitoring Technologies


In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of athlete monitoring technologies and their profound impact on enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injuries. Join us as we explore the different types of athlete monitoring technologies available for assessing body composition and understand how they play a vital role in optimizing athletic performance.

Episode 104: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Practical Insights


In this episode Jenny and John shed light on the latest scientific research and evidence-based information in the world of health and fitness, exploring fascinating studies and discoveries that can revolutionize the way we approach our well-being.

Episode 103: Exploring Naboso's Revolutionary Products


Get ready to dive deep into the fascinating world of foot wellness in this captivating episode of our podcast! Join us as we uncover the secrets behind Naboso, a groundbreaking brand that is transforming the way we approach foot health.

Episode 102: The Power of Together: Unleashing the Potential of Group Fitness


Are you ready to unlock the true power of group fitness? Join us in this exhilarating episode as we explore how the group dynamic contributes to an extraordinary fitness experience and exceptional results. From success stories and transformations to expert guidance and emerging trends, we've got it all covered!

Episode 101: Becoming a Leader in the Fitness Industry


Jenny and Dan chat with Maria Gonzalez. She tells her story of coming to the U.S. starting her career in the fitness industry, all while also learning the English language. Fast forward to where she is now as a board member of IHRSA, one of the most influential organizations in the fitness industry.

Episode 100: Creating More Impact and Influence in Your Coaching Business


In this podcast episode, we hear from fitness and business coaches Eric and Chris Martinez, who have helped numerous health and fitness coaches grow their online businesses. They talk about the challenges that health and fitness coaches commonly face when building their online businesses, and offer some tips to overcome these hurdles.

Episode 99: Functional Aging: ISSA teams up with The Functional Aging Institute


In this episode Jenny and Dan speak to the co-founders of the Functional Aging Institute (FAI) Cody Sipe and Dan Ritchie. They cover the importance of exercise as we age and some of the best practices for active aging.

Episode 98: Exploring the Mind-Body Connection and Holistic Health in Fitness


On this episode of Trainers Talking Truths, Jenny and Dan delve into the journey of Peter Twist, who started in fitness and worked his way up to coaching in the NHL and national teams for the summer and winter Olympics. We explore his approach to exploring the brain-body connection and holistic health and how these areas can impact overall physical performance and well-being.

Episode 97: The Science of Sweat


Join Jenny and Dan for an engaging conversation with Doug Lynch, a fitness expert and founder of Zenkai Spots. In this episode, we'll dive into the concept of "the science of sweat" and explore the impact of sweat on athletic performance. As a brand that places a high value on sustainability, Doug will discuss Zenkai’s philosophy on how sustainable practices can intersect with athletic performance.

Episode 96: Training The Older Adult


Jenny and Dan speak to Robert Linkul, owner and founder of “Training the Older Adult”.  This company serves as a source of information for fitness professionals and the public to better understand aging and fitness. They chat about common misconceptions of training older adults and cover some of the best practices any trainer should take on when working with an older population.

Episode 95: Trauma and Triumph: How Exercise Can Aid in Recovery


In this episode of Trainers Talking Truths, we welcome back Angel, a fitness and wellness expert, who shares her journey into the industry. We then dive into a difficult topic, trauma, and discuss what it is and how it can affect someone's ability to exercise. Angel shares her insights on how individuals can overcome trauma-related obstacles and how specific types of exercise can aid in recovery.

Episode 94: Making an Impact in the Personal Training Business


Jenny and Dan talk to Gini Grimsley, the Director of Fitness Product for VASA Fitness and a Master Instructor for the Pain-free Performance Specialist Certification. They cover her role and the impact she makes in helping trainers succeed in creating great relationships with new members and ultimately helping those trainers to build their personal training businesses.

Episode 93: A Straight-Forward Approach to Coaching Health and Fitness Clients


On this episode of Trainers Talking Truths, Jenny and Dan talk to Jordan Syatt, elite powerlifter, Precision Nutrition & Westside Barbell Certified coach, and founder of Syatt Fitness.

Jordan shares his journey, from his early days in fitness to becoming successful in the industry from his app to his podcast, and large social media following. We also discuss his advice for new trainers entering the industry and the worst fitness myths that need to be busted once and for all. Additionally, we dive into his book "Eat It," which focuses on guilt-free enjoyment of favorite foods, and his overall philosophy to nutrition and fat loss. 

Episode 92: Myth Busting Part 6


Jenny and Dan do some fitness mythbusting covering topics like “No Pain, No Gain”, “Crunches will give you a six-pack”, “Running is bad for your knees” and the always popular “More is better”. Tune in to hear a couple of long-time trainers talking truths!

Episode 91: Coaching for Behavior Change


On this episode of Trainers Talking Truths, Jenny and Dan talk to Robert Cappucio, behavior change specialist with over a decade of experience in the field of health and wellness.

Robert shares his insights into the key elements of a successful coaching relationship and how coaches can help clients to bring about lasting behavior change. The conversation then turns to the delicate balance between supporting a client's growth and challenging them to stretch beyond their comfort zone. The episode also highlights tips and strategies for coaches to approach this balance and help their clients achieve their goals, as well as tools and techniques that coaches can use to help clients identify and overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Episode 90: Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga


Jenny and Dan connect with certified yoga teacher and mental health advocate Angel Desantis to explore the intersection of physical and mental strength in yoga.

Angel shares her personal journey, which leads to a discussion of how yoga can be a powerful tool for mental and emotional well-being as well as how teaching has helped her students develop mental strength and resilience. The concept of "guided self-inquiry" and how it can be achieved in yoga is also explored, along with the importance of self-reflection and self-awareness in promoting mental well-being.

Episode 89: Strength and Conditioning


On this episode of Trainers Talking Truths, Jenny and Dan sit down with renowned strength and conditioning coach and co-founder of Allegiate Gym, Timothy Caron. Timothy shares his journey of how he got started in the fitness industry and worked his way up to working with elite athletes in top college football programs, as well as how his diverse educational background informs his coaching philosophy and approach to maximizing human performance in strength and conditioning training. They also discuss his recently published book “The Strength Deficit.”

Episode 88: Boxing and Barbells


Jenny and Dan meet with Cary Williams, Olympic level boxing coach, Fitness professional and creator of Boxing and Barbells. They chat about how she combined boxing and fitness into a successful business and certification.

Episode 87: Sales Strategy in Fitness


Jenny and Dan connect with Britt Knighton, VP of Business Development for Camp Gladiator to discuss tips and resources for fitness professionals to improve their sales, and encourage other teammates to do the same.

Episode 86: Social Media Marketing


Jenny and Dan chat with Scott Rawcliffe, a long-time fitness professional and international speaker who is best known for helping many companies and individuals in the fitness industry increase traffic and increase profits with effective social media strategies.

Episode 85: Rediscovering Yoga


Jenny and Dan connect with Alex Artymiak, a yoga, meditation, and breath-work teacher who has taught over 5000 yoga classes! In this episode they tackle all things yoga, from practice to profession.

Episode 84: Post Partum Training


Jenny and Dan meet with ISSA favorite and new mom Skye Halliday-Wilson to discuss training while pregnant and working with clients post-partum!

Episode 83: Growth and Leadership in the Fitness Industry


Jenny and John talk with Idea Fit’s 2022 Fitness Leader of the YEAR, Pete Holman! They dive deep into the various career paths fitness trainers can take, as well as how to sky rocket in their chosen path.

Episode 82: The Role of Fitness in Long-Term Physical and Mental Health


The Role of Fitness in Long-Term Physical and Mental Health Jenny and John speak with the Director of Education for the MedFit Education Foundation Jonathan Ross. They cover Jonathan's successful career as a trainer, writer, speaker and educator and his passion for helping people find a sense of enjoyment in physical activity.

Episode 81: Building Your Fitness Business in the New Year


The Role of Fitness in Long-Term Physical and Mental Health Jenny and John speak with the Director of Education for the MedFit Education Foundation Jonathan Ross. They cover Jonathan's successful career as a trainer, writer, speaker and educator and his passion for helping people find a sense of enjoyment in physical activity.

Episode 80: Targeted Vibration Therapy


How can targeted vibration therapy benefit trainers and clients, and what actually is it? Your favorite fitness experts meet with physical therapist and trainer Matt Gloyd to talk all things athlete rehabilitation and recovery.

Episode 79: Programming for Health and Performance


In this episode Jenny and John talk to Director of Performance for XPT,  PJ Nestler.  They discuss how he creates performance programming for world class athletes and your everyday consumer.

Episode 78: Pilates is for Everybody


Jenny meets with Pilates studio owner Gabi Mazar to explore the benefits of Pilates, as well as what its like as a fitness entrepreneur to persue studio ownership. They conclude with a really fun look into Gabi’s other business “Fitcations” which is a huge treat for travel and fitness lovers alike!

Episode 77: What Are Your Options for Health Care as a Personal Trainer?


Your favorite fitness experts meet with Andy Schoonover, founder of CrowdHealth, a better way to pay for medical bills through the power of crowdfunding. They talk about the great healthcare services without restriction and access the power of the Crowd to help pay for medical bills.

Episode 76: Financial Planning as a Personal Trainer


In this episode your favorite fitness experts meet with Patrick Darby of Darby Business Advisors who focuses on helping Online Fitness Entrepreneurs save taxes & grow their money.