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International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer Program

  • Certified Personal Trainer

    • Develop training programs based on health profiles
    • Learn anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics
    • Master communication and human motivation
    • Outcomes and goal setting
    • Understand how diet and exercise work together

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International Sports Sciences Association Specialization Courses

  • Nutritionist

    • Macronutrients and Micronutrients
    • Trending diets and myths
    • The business of nutrition coaching
    • Lifestyle changes and strategies for clients
    • Understanding product labels and claims

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  • Strength and Conditioning

    • Principles of metabolism, body mechanics, and anatomy
    • Learn how to structure influences energy and performance levels
    • Communicate exercise instruction and benefits
    • Increase endurance, strength, power, and speed
    • Fundamentals of sports psychology and overcoming mental hurdles

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  • Bodybuilding

    • Muscle anatomy, kinesiology, and biomechanics
    • Identify factors that contribute to muscle hypertrophy
    • Understanding various aerobic strategies
    • Principles of basic nutrition and supplementation
    • Mental preparedness for optimal performance

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  • Group Exercise Instructor

    • Teaching a variety of different exercise formats
    • Safety and injury prevention
    • How to design and instruct a class for every level
    • The science behind group exercise and how it works
    • Master communication and motivation

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  • Exercise Recovery

    • Physiology of muscle damage and repair
    • Psychology of overtraining and workout recovery
    • DNA-based recovery methods
    • Nutrition and supplementation
    • Sleep, therapy, and overall wellness

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  • Corrective Exercise

    • Explain how movement is initiated, maintained, and modified
    • Structure and function of the skeletal muscle and nervous system
    • Legality and ethicality when correcting physical dysfunctions
    • Essential roles of motivation, feedback and exercise capacity
    • Restore structural alignment and stability from head to toe

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  • Glute Specialist

    • Glute-focused trends and training
    • Anatomy & activation, strength, and hypertrophy exercises
    • Common hip and glute dysfunctions
    • Marketing, communication, and professionalism as a glute trainer
    • Create targeted programs for specific muscles

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  • Transformation Specialist

    • Physical, mental and emotional well-being
    • Recognize and identify the stages of change
    • Motivational Interviewing principles and techniques
    • Commitment Devices that improve the consistency of behavior
    • Move from surviving to thriving

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International Sports Sciences Association

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